The Truth about Retirement Living: What to expect in the next decade

By April 26, 2023 May 2nd, 2023 No Comments

As the demographics change in our country (and around the world), namely more people who are over 65 than under, a lot of changes are on the horizon. Residential living arrangements will need to evolve; employers will be required to adapt; the healthcare system will likely undergo a major overhaul; and families will have to rethink the caregiving role, to name a few.

There are already questions being posed such as:

● Will there be adequate housing (accessible, affordable, and suitable) to meet the increasing demand?
● How will the current healthcare system change to meet the needs of the growing number of older people?
● Who will care for those without family support and/or financial resources?
● Should people retire at 65-70 or is it better to keep working longer?
● Are local cities equipped to deal with the transportation needs of an aging community?
● How will families adapt to better care for aging parents and relatives?

The goal of this talk is to help attendees think ahead about ways to prepare for potential changes and to ensure they have adequate support if needed changes don’t come soon enough!

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