The Truth about Letting Go of Stuff: Downsize or Declutter?

If you’re moving from a bigger place to a smaller one, you know you’ll need to downsize. When you realize your things have taken over your life, you may be ready to simplify, so decluttering could be the answer. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, letting go may not always be as easy as it may seem. Regardless of your reason for letting go of excess stuff, emotional considerations and logistical challenges can slow you down. Where to donate gently used items, how to pass along family heirlooms, and ways to get some extra cash for once high ticket furniture can hamper the romantic notion of a simple weekend project.

In this seminar we will be discussing the differences between the declutter mindset and the downsizing mindset and will share strategies for each process. We will uncover both the psychological and societal phenomenons at play when it comes to the disposition of household goods. And, we will share the current and future realities of estate liquidation services and antique dealers.

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